Automotive Inertia Brake Dynamometer – Model 3000



Automotive Inertia Brake Dynamometer – Model 3000

The Model 3000 Dynamometer provides an efficient and easy to use tool for automotive brake performance testing. It is designed to perform controlled input or output tests upon hydraulically actuated brake assemblies. The system incorporates state-of-the-art technology for optimal correlation to actual operating conditions

The specific purpose of the equipment defined is the precise and accurate measurement of performance, effectiveness, thermal capacity and other attributes related to in-service braking.

The dynamometer controls are designed to enable close correlation with existing certification of research & development type test protocols. The advanced features of our ProLink™ software package offers operator dependent control or fully automatic unattended operation.

All primary operating functions are performed at the dynamometer station including selection of test parameters, control modes, display of pertinent data, monitoring of all test functions and execution of desired test sequences.

The Model 3000 simulated inertia system permits the replication of braking performance for a wide range of vehicles. Employing a single fixed disc, this dynamometer is able to reproduce inertia values from nearly zero to that of the largest passenger vehicle. Since infinitesimally small inertia increments can be simulated and bearing and other losses are compensated, highly accurate brake performance replication is possible. Simulated inertia increases the ease of operation since the desired inertia is simply set in the control computer eliminating the need for the operator to physically change the inertia.*

*extract from the data sheet of Link Europe GmbH data sheet download